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XML Online Formatter helps you to prettify your XML code for free.

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Our XML Formatter Tool

AutoSeoTools's XML tool is a practical web-based solution for educators, students, developers and anyone else who needs to format XML files or code. The utility requires no effort from users and produces the formatted version of messy documents without making any changes to the original file. Our XML formatter is very straightforward and convenient; it can be used to obtain properly arranged documents with ease. This online tool guarantees that the formatting is completed automatically, thereby ensuring an effortless experience for its users.

What Is The Best Way To Format An XML File?

With our online XML formatter, you can format an XML file without encountering any hurdles. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. You'll find a box where you can paste XML code as soon as you land on the tool.
  2. It is also possible to upload XML documents, write down URLs, and upload files from the device's storage.
  3. The next step is to click the "Format XML" button after entering the XML.
  4. In the next step, the format XML tool will generate and display the results immediately.

Online XML Formatter For XML Documents

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a popular format for transmitting data over the web. Its easy-to-learn structure and simple logics are why it's used so often. But, what exactly is XML? It's length can makeit difficult to comprehend the code written by another programmer. An effective online XML formatter is a great way of resolving this issue. With only a few clicks, you can simplify your XML code.

You can format your XML using the utility available on this site without having to buy a premium tool or install an application on your computer. With this tool, you can beautify your XML in a matter of seconds without typing a single word. You do not need to spend time understanding the code to do so.

Our XML Formatter's Key Features

Using It Is Easy:

You don't need special skills to format your XML using this online facility due to the well-structured layout and clear instructions.

Quickly Format An XML File:

There is no need to spend hours formatting your XML anymore. Even some online utilities take a long time to offer accurate results. However, this tool makes it possible to simplify it in a matter of seconds. You can beautify your XML code quickly by using an online XML beautifier.

All Operating Systems Are Supported:

If you have a smartphone, Mac, or desktop computer, you can easily access SmallSEOTtools' XML Formatter online.

Registration Is Not Required:

The majority of free tools on the web require users to register on their site in order to use them. The online XML Formatter offered by this site, however, does not have any such restrictions. You do not have to go through a boring and hectic registration process to use this facility.


For using this free XML formatter, you don't have to pay anybody a penny or sign up for a premium membership, as you might have to when using other online tools. This online utility is entirely free to use, and you can format as many XML files as you desire without any limits.

How Does XML Formatting Work?

XML, otherwise known as Extensible Markup Language, is rather similar to HTML. It has become a popular choice for holding and transferring data online since it was introduced. The purpose of its development was that the elements in the file should be clear from their description. XML formatting involves indentations which are added depending on the logic and structure of elements included in an XML file. Not formatting it could make it difficult for someone to understand the structure of the file, but by using formatting, this issue is eliminated - anyone with basic knowledge of XML will be able to comprehend it.

Here is an example of an XML file with and without formatting.

Formatted without formatting:




Formatted without formatting:




What Is Our Online XML Code Formatter?

Using our XML Formatter online tool is simple and straight forward. Follow the steps below to simplify your XML in no time.

  • Upon accessing this page, you will see a box where you can paste your XML file or click the "Upload" button to upload directly from your device.
  • To begin processing, click the "Format XML" button once you're done.
  • In a few seconds, you'll get the desired XML formatting results.

XML Formatter Enhances Code Readability

The XML document's readability can be enhanced through formatting with an XML file formatter. There are a variety of approaches to improve its clarity, such as preserving or removing whitespace, collapsing or expanding empty elements, and formatting attributes across multiple lines. Crafting this solution can be tedious and time consuming; fortunately, you can make use of an XML online tool to perform the task quickly and effectively.

Privacy Is Of Utmost Importance

When it comes to uploading confidential data, Security is the utmost priority for everyone. Our online utility offers total assurance when it comes to protecting your XML code. No third party can gain access to any of the data you upload on our system. Additionally, we delete all files from our servers as soon as processing finishes. Rest assured that our tool is safe and secure when formatting multiple XML documents.