Website SEO Score Checker

By entering the URL into the given field and clicking the "Check SEO Score" button, the SEO checker analyzes the website and gives you a detailed SEO report.

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SEO: What Is It? What Is The Importance Of A Website's SEO Score?

It's a process by which a site gets high rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs) to improve organic traffic. Even though SEO may seem easy, it is actually quite complex in reality. You need to analyze multiple factors in order to determine where your website stands in terms of SEO. If you don't optimize your site properly, you won't be able to compete in this competitive web world.

Several factors influence SEO, including incoming links, keywords, content, meta tags, functionality, and many more. However, the website SEO score checker can help you evaluate your site's SEO score and determine where it stands against the competition.

Website SEO Score Checker Feature

It's important to note that all the features and displays discussed below will appear after you've entered your URL. Brilliant, huh?

Here Are Some Of The Features:

  1. In the search results section, you will usually see the SEO score of the website you enter, since this is a tool for checking SEO site scores. This data is usually the first visual display you see after running a search. The "Website Ranking report" is where most of the other "Website checkers" stop at. But Site Checker by Auto SEO Tools is way better! See below for features you won't find anywhere else.
  2. In the first section of the tool, you will see the "Status" of the test, the number of tests your site has passed, warnings, and errors found.
  3. Grading and Certification: As we have said, this tool isn't just an SEO site checker. It also serves as a website grader that assesses your site based on performance, SEO, mobile readiness, and security metrics. You can display large and auto SEO grading certificates on your website at will to build trust with your audience based on the grading of your website. Copy and paste the code on your website and you're ready to go.
  4. Website Ranking Checker will show you a bunch of “General SEO” metrics and information as soon as you click it. With just one click, things get interesting. Basically, it checks and tests for the SEO elements listed below (each of these are a big data set on their own!) and gives you detailed information and recommendations based on your site:
  • Title of the page
  • Description of the meta data
  • Keywords in meta tags
  • Preview of Google search results
  • Density Test Keywords
  • Test of keywords

Status of headings

Heading Status

  • Test of robots.txt
  • Test of the sitemap
  • Test for broken links
  • Links Test Underscores
  • Test for SEO-friendly URLs
  • Test of image alt text
  • CSS Inline Test
  • Test your favicon
  • Checking HTML tags has been deprecated
  • Checking the noindex tag
  • Checking the nofollow tag
  • Checking the domain authority
  • Checking the authority of a page
  • Test of WWW redirection
  • A test of HTML page size
  • Test of HTML compression and GZIP
  1. Website Score Checker shows you screenshots of your desktop and mobile website to help you improve your design.
  2. This tool analyzes from 1-word keywords to 4-word keywords along with their statistics across your entire website.
  3. You can also see a collection of all your site's social signals, including the total number of shares your site has gotten on all the major social media sites.
  4. In order to determine the security of your website, this free online SEO score tool tests a number of elements on your server. These elements include:
  • Test of HTTPS
  • Test for server signatures
  • Test for safe browsing
  • Test of directory browsing
  • Test of plaintext emails

The above reports are more than mind-blowing, but Website Ranking Checker takes things to the next level with advanced SEO reports that you can trust. A variety of reports are included, including those regarding page load time, page size, and so on.

Getting all these reports in one place, plus expert recommendations on how to improve them for improved rankings, is exactly what Website Score Checker does for you for free.

These are the exact major checks that Google and other search engines perform on every website. With us, you're in good hands.

In spite of this, it is one of the easiest tools to use on the Internet.

What Is The Website SEO Score Checker?

The website SEO checker doesn’t restrict users to go through manual procedures as its advanced algorithm generates authentic results within no time. You can use this utility to conduct a website audit and analyze its performance against various parameters. Here are some of the factors that are analyzed by our free SEO checker:

Link Building

A website's SEO relies heavily on backlinks as trust signals. The SEO analyzer shows an in-depth backlink summary along with unique domains and unique IP addresses for the entered URL.

Authority Of The MOZ

Besides providing a website SEO score, our free SEO checker also provides the Moz DA and PA scores.

Tags In The Meta Description

Unless your website contains meta tags, search engines won't be able to recognize what it contains. The SEO checker analyzes the meta tags of the requested website and provides details about missing or incorrect meta tags.

Links On The Page

Website SEO depends on on-page links (internal and external) that are effective. Dead internal and external links can hurt your SEO and lower rankings. SEO checker tool provides an SEO analysis report that helps you fix the link issues to improve your website's performance.

Speed Of The Page

Your website's page speed needs to be audited to determine if it is adequate or needs to be improved. Pages that take too long to load have a higher bounce rate.

Website SEO Checker - What It Does

Google's ranking criteria, as well as those of other major search engines such as Bing and Yahoo!, are closely monitored to ensure compliance with the latest and best industry practices. The tool is updated whenever Google changes and makes public its Site Score Checking algorithm.

To get their site's SEO report, anyone can use this tool for free and get accurate, helpful, and reliable results.

With just one click, the tool provides a complete and detailed analysis of a website's SEO data and performance across virtually all aspects.

Taking a closer look at some of its most obvious features will help us get a clearer picture.

Can Anyone Use This Website SEO Checker?

Among the digital experts who can use the SEO checker are:


In many cases, website owners outsource SEO-related tasks to digital agencies, who use the online SEO score checker to identify the issues causing low rankings and SEO scores.

Those In Marketing

As a marketer, it’s essential to leverage SEO data and form the best content marketing strategy. Our SEO analyzer provides extensive data based on different SEO factors all in one place. Marketers can use this data to figure out what improvements need to be made in their marketing strategy.

Those Who Blog

Most bloggers work alone, and they don't have the funds to hire an SEO team. Instead of relying on anyone else, bloggers can use the free website SEO checker online to find out the problems with their blogs.

Experts In Search Engine Optimization

SEO experts need SEO audit tools that help them conduct website analysis without investing time and effort. SEO experts can easily find out where their website stands and what factors need to be improved for better SERP rankings using an online SEO checker.

Beginners' Guide To SEO

Rather than struggling with evaluating versatile SEO factors, SEO beginners can get a complete SEO audit report for any website using a website SEO score checker.