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Screenshot Generator For Websites

If you're adept with computers, you'll likely know how to capture a screenshot of your PC's display, as well as mobile devices and tablets. But capturing a website visitor's screen is something else entirely. As a webmaster, if a customer comes to you complaining of issues such as malware or a virus, a hacked site, or some other feature not functioning properly—you could be in trouble. You would question them to understand what's going on; however, this may prove difficult if the person doesn't comprehend your line of inquiry or speaks another language. In such an unpromising situation where there is no instant answer available and you don't wish to turn away potential customers, what do you do?

Your best option here would be to ask your visitor to take a screen shot of your site and email it to you, but here you are most likely to run into another issue: that your visitor doesn't know how to take a screen shot.

The process of taking a screen shot on a computer or laptop varies depending on the brand. It could involve pressing the ‘ctrl’, ‘fn’ and/or ‘alt keys, along with the ‘prt sc’ button. Depending on the computer being used, you can explain to a visitor which combination of keys they should press to capture the screen. If working with someone who is using a device different from yours, suggest that they try out various key combinations until they succeed in taking a screen shot.

Until now, everything has gone smoothly, but now we need to do something tricky. You must instruct the visitor to open ‘paint’ if they are using a Microsoft Windows based computer, and press ‘paste’ to paste the screen captured, save it, and e-mail it to you. The paint application would be different if the visitor used an Apple computer.

For a website visitor to follow and for you to explain all these steps could be quite overwhelming. If you don't experience the same issue that your visitor is experiencing, you may have a real problem. If you visit the site and examine the problem, it may lead to another issue.

If you want to quickly help your customer understand an issue they're having with your website, the easiest thing to do is ask them to use and download the file. That way, they can copy and email it to you and then you can analyze the problem at hand. Trying to explain how to take a screenshot or download a print screen won't be as helpful; if that's attempted, your visitor may just end up leaving your website. To avoid this issue and value your customer, the best solution is to point them towards SmallseoTools' website screenshot generator.

Screenshot Errors: What To Do:

There are times when the screenshot comes out blurry. Other times, it doesn't load at all, and all you get is a gray square. In other cases, the screen shot tool takes a picture from an iPhone instead of a PC.

This may occur for several reasons:

  1. There is a problem with your network connection. Check your connection and try again. To fix this, simply reload the page and try again for Chrome screenshots.
  2. Due to massive traffic on the site, or some maintenance issues, the site is currently unavailable. Please try taking your Android screenshot later. If you selected iPhone screenshot instead of PC, simply reload the page and try again. This time, be careful to select the right option.
  3. You entered the wrong link: the image the screen shot tool gives you might not be what you expected because you input the wrong address. To fix, double-check your address. Also, make sure the address includes the https://.

Can You Tell Me Where You Need A Screen Shot Generator?

A screen shot generator can be very useful in different scenarios. For instance, if you want to view a recent capture of your page taken by Google's crawler or you need to document an issue with your website for your hosting service. It is also beneficial when making alterations to the website, as it allows you to take snapshots and keep track of any modifications. Furthermore, screenshot sharing can facilitate cooperation between yourself and the site developer.

In other words, if you are developing a website for a company you work for, and want to show them screen shots of the site to get feedback, or if you are doing your work, you might want to share the screen shots with your friends.

Screen shots are incredibly useful for a variety of situations. For this reason, computer manufacturers have implemented a 'print screen' option as standard on their operating systems. To make use of it, users must be familiar with how to press the relevant buttons to take the screenshot and save it as an image. Alternatively, there are several apps offering similar functionality such as free screenshot API, Google screenshot API or even screenshot API JavaScript. However, why go through all that hassle when offers a free and easy-to-use tool for capturing a website screen?

It's Just Another Snipping Tool, Isn't It?

For any other screenshot taker, you'd be right. But this is different from others because it lets you do more than just take a screenshot.

With our tool, you can take a screenshot of any device: iPhone, tablet, and even Windows. A screenshot is by definition a captured image of the screen.

This screenshot taker differs from other snipping tools because it lets you include a device in your pictures.

Using The Website Screen Generator

From the search browser, enter small in the address bar to access website screen generator. Once you find the icon for the website screen generator, you can click it. The application can also be opened by entering web site screen generator in the display bar. You can also go straight to it by copying/pasting into your search browser's address bar.

When entering the URL of the website, don't just type the domain name, enter the URL. Enter http://www. (Name of my website). (the extension) and press ‘Submit’. The application will return the screen shot of the website. Copy/paste it to your computer.

You can use this handy and free tool to take screen shots of websites whenever you like.

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