Temperature Converter

When you select the temperature converter from the menu, enter the number you want to convert to other units of temperature, such as Celsius or Fahrenheit, in the “From” field, and select the unit in which you want to convert from the “To” field. Instant results will be displayed.

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Tool For Converting Temperatures

With a temperature converter, you can convert all the basic units of temperature into one another to determine what temperature you would like to reach for an item, machine, or anything else.

Temperature has a far-reaching effect in this world; we can gauge if the required level of heat or chill is present. Our sense of feeling helps us determine this as people living in cold climates fail to handle scorching sunshine. Importantly, if our body temperatures are not kept at bay, we cannot survive; understanding the climate you're entering is thus imperative. This knowledge will tips us off about what attire and other measures should be taken.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Our Temperature Converter?

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Temperature Calculator - Fahrenheit To Celsius

The result of a manual calculation might not be accurate enough to set a machine to a required temperature. This is why a Celsius to Fahrenheit calculator or Fahrenheit to Celsius converter is needed.

You can use this fantastic unit converter by following these steps:

When you reach the unit converter page, you can select the temperature conversion calculator tool from the menu. The temperature calculator looks as follows:

  • In the "From" field on the left side, enter the temperature value you want to convert to another unit of temperature and select your desired conversion format from the table on the right. The returned values will appear in the "TO" field on the right side.

The current temperature scales are as follows:

The temperature in Celsius

As a temperature unit on the Celsius scale, Celsius (centigrade) refers to the freezing point of water or ice melting. The Celsius scale is based on an interval system, so it follows a relative scale rather than an absolute one. A temperature of 100°C is equivalent to 374.15K, which is the boiling point of water.

Formulas for converting Celsius temperatures

To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply (Celsius Value) by 1.8 + 32

(Celsius Value) + 273.15 = Celsius to Kelvin (c to k).

(Celsius Value) X 1.8 + 491.67 = Celsius to Rankine (c to r)

Temperature in Fahrenheit

It is a thermodynamic temperature scale; the difference between the boiling and freezing points is 180 degrees. In Fahrenheit, water freezes at 32 degrees, and boils at 212 degrees. Absolute zero is defined as -459.67°F in Fahrenheit. Each degree of Fahrenheit represents 0.556 degrees Celsius on the temperature scale.

Formulas for converting Fahrenheit temperatures

F to C = (Fahrenheit Value - 32) X 5/9

The conversion from Fahrenheit to Kelvin is calculated as follows: (Fahrenheit Value - 32) X 5/9 + 273.15

(F to R) = Fahrenheit Value + 459.67


A Kelvin unit is the base unit of temperature in the Internet System of Units. As opposed to Celsius and Fahrenheit, Kelvin is not written or interpreted as degrees like Celsius and Fahrenheit. The symbol for Kelvin is K, and this unit is named after a Glasgow University engineer. There is, however, a similar magnitude between Kelvin and Celsius; that is why they are frequently used together.

Formulas for converting Kelvin temperatures

k to c = kelvin value - 273.15

(Kelvin Value - 273.15) X 9/5 + 32 = Kelvin to Fahrenheit (k to f)

Rankine to Kelvin (K to R) = (Kelvin Value) = (Rankine Value)


Rankine is also a thermodynamic temperature unit based on the absolute scale, just like Kelvin. Rankine zero is absolute zero, and its symbol is °R.

Formulas for converting Rankine temperatures

(Rankine Value - 491.67) x 5/9 = Rankine to Celsius (r to c)

Rankine Value - 459.67 = Rankine to Fahrenheit (r to f)

R to K = Rankine Value X 5/9

Temperature measurement conversions most commonly used