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Create a strong password from this awesome password generator tools and create your strong password within a second.

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What Is The Process Of Creating A Password?

You can set parameters for the password generator to create random passwords, such as the length of the password, whether the password should be easy to say or read, and whether it should have uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, or symbols.

Based on the user's parameters, the generated password is checked against the zxcvbn library - a standard in evaluating password security.

Is It Possible To Hack A Strong Password?

A 12-character password made exclusively of numbers could be hacked in 25 seconds, according to a recent report. It would take an imperceivable amount of time for a strong password to be hacked. If you compare that to a 12-character password made up of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols, it would take 34,000 years to hack it. So a strong password cannot be hacked in your lifetime.

How safe is this password generator?

Any password generated is tested against the industry-standard zxcvbn library to determine how strong the password is.

Steps To Prevent Your Passwords From Being Hacked

  1. Use at least 16 characters in your password, one number, one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one special symbol, as well as at least one number.
  2. Do not use the same password, security question, and answer for multiple important accounts. In your password, do not use the name of your family, friends, or pets. 
  3. You should avoid using postcodes, house numbers, phone numbers, birthdates, ID cards, social security numbers, etc.
  4. When you backup your passwords, you can retrieve them quickly if you lose access to your computer or account. 
  5. Turn on two-step authentication whenever possible.
  6. Do not store your critical passwords online.
  7. If an online shopping site only accepts credit cards, it is advisable to use a virtual credit card. 
  8. Additionally, be sure to close your web browser when you leave your computer to reduce the risk of cookies being intercepted with a small USB device and bypassing two-step verification. 
  9. In addition, distrust and remove bad SSL certificates from your browser as these certificates cannot guarantee the confidentiality and integrity of HTTPS connections.