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A web-based HTML viewer that allows users to enter and view HTML code in real time. Perfect for testing and debugging HTML code, or for learning how different HTML elements and attributes are displayed in the browser.

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The HTML Viewer By AutoSeoTools!

This website's HTML viewer is an incredibly helpful online tool for HTML students and teachers alike. It allows users to test their work, receive the exact output immediately, and make necessary revisions without delay. With this viewer, furthering one's technical understanding of web design is easy while instructors can use it as an effective aid in grading student assignments.

HTML plays a crucial role in most web applications. If you are a web developer, then you must understand its significance. You can use this utility if you are designing a web application, and want to check for errors in the code of the application.

What Is The Best Way To Use This Online HTML Viewer?

We provide an easy-to-use HTML reader for our users, which makes it easy for them to understand and use it. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a professional, as you don't have to follow strict rules to view HTML online. The simple steps below will show you how to view HTML online.

  1. The tool allows users to copy-paste code, upload an HTML file, or fetch HTML from a URL.
  2. Click the View HTML button after uploading HTML.
  3. A result is generated and displayed instantly as soon as this button is pressed.

What Is The Process?

The conventional method of viewing or modifying a programming code was a hectic task, where you had to install some applications on your device. With the advancement of technology, however, you now have access to useful online tools that make it easier for you to complete your task on time and accurately. If you upload your text into the HTML Viewer, you will receive an exact output according to the code in no time, as it allows you to view HTML online.

How Does This HTML Code Viewer Work?

With the online view HTML tool, you can perform different actions on your HTML code without facing any limitations.

  • Verify the code's authenticity.
  • The HTML file should be prettified or beautified.
  • The HTML code output can be viewed here.
  • The HTML code should be minified.

Is HTML Reader Online Useful?

Webmasters and developers both recognize the value of a readily available online tool for editing and viewing the performance of their programming code. An HTML reader requires nothing more than a solid internet connection, but that's enough to let users get access from anywhere and efficiently view and revise their HTML code. This is an attractive alternative for those tired of spending data allowance on this task.

Our HTML Viewer Has The Following Useful Features:

The HTML visualizer on our website is incorporated with a number of top-notch features, which make it the best online tool for viewing HTML codes.

Easy To Use And Free:

It is free to use this tool. You don't need to learn any special steps for using this tool as the simple instructions above will help you run and view codes.

HTML Run And Test:

Now you can easily view the output of any HTML code and test its validity with just a single click.


Whether your device runs on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, or any other operating system, you can access this tool and use it for viewing HTML files.

There Is No Need To Install Any Plugins:

Using this tool is simple. The HTML viewer doesn't require any plugins to function, so you don't need to worry about installing them.

Secure And Fast:

This is a secure online utility that does not store any of the data entered by users or uploaded by them in its databases. It displays results on users' screens in a matter of seconds.

Anywhere Access:

For accessing and using this code viewer, all you need is an internet connection on your device.

Keeping Your Data Safe - Privacy Policy

There are a number of hackers who are looking for such information, so it is essential to use only those online utilities that guarantee the safety of your content.

This HTML code viewer does not allow third parties to access your code. Furthermore, the code you upload will not be stored or shared with anyone, in any case. So, you can use this tool without any worries and view your HTML at any time.

Online HTML Reader Benefits

The basic use of HTML is for developers, who use this markup language for creating front-end frameworks for web pages and applications. Using an online HTML reader will provide you with a number of benefits. Here are some of the top reasons to use this utility.

Verify That There Are No Errors:

By uploading HTML code to our online tool, you can easily check whether it contains any errors before presenting it to your audience.

Adjustment To Layout:

With HTML being widely used for designing layouts, you can use this tool to check if the layout fits perfectly for the front-end users. You can make changes to your HTML code until you achieve the desired result.

Time-Saving Tips:

It will take just a few seconds to show you the errors in HTML code, while the conventional method can waste your time and not help you find the exact error.