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Social Media Image Resizing

Using social media platforms, individuals and businesses share images with their friends, family, and targeted audiences on a regular basis. It is essential to ensure that all images on any social networking site are sized in accordance with the specified dimensions before posting. Consequently, it becomes essential for people to resize images for social media and make their visuals appear perfect for the viewers.

According to the different social media channels, these are the accurate sizes for posts.

Facebook Visual Asset Sizes

The story is 1080 x 1920 pixels

The cover photo measures 820 x 312 pixels

180 x 180 pixels for profile picture

1920 x 1080 Event Cover

Post size: 1080 x 1350

The group cover measures 1640 x 859 pixels

The size of the ad (carousel) is 600 x 600

The ad (link) measures 1200 x 628 pixels

1200 x 628 News Feed

Image size: 1200 x 630

Instagram Visual Asset Sizes

The story is 1080 x 1920 pixels

1080 x 1080 square post

Image size: 110 x 110

161 x 161 pixels

Post size: 1080 x 1350

Post size: 1080 x 566

Twitter Visual Asset Sizes

400 x 400 pixels for the profile image

1500 x 500 pixels for the header

The in-stream photo measures 440 x 220 pixels

The size of the website card is 1024 x 512

Image size: 1200 x 675

Image link: 800 x 418

YouTube Visual Asset Sizes

Icon size: 800 x 800

The channel art is 2560 x 1440 pixels

The banner measures 2560 x 1140 pixels

The thumbnail is 1280 x 720 pixels

Pinterest Visual Asset Sizes

800 x 1200 pixels

The board cover measures 222 x 150mm

The profile image should be 165 x 165 pixels

Thumbnail size: 222 x 150

Thumbnail size: 55 x 55

LinkedIn Visual Asset Sizes

The profile image should be 400 x 400 pixels

1140 x 736 pixels

Background size: 1584 x 396

Background of the company: 1536 x 768

The LinkedIn image is 1200 x 628 pixels

300 x 300 pixels for the company logo

Banner size: 646 x 220

The Company Hero is 1128 x 376 pixels

60 x 60 square logo

Google Display Visual Asset Sizes

120 x 600 ft. skyscraper

The leaderboard measures 728 x 90 pixels

160 x 600 Skyscraper

The banner measures 468 x 68 pixels

336 x 280 Large Rectangle

300 x 250 mm: Medium Rectangle

300 x 600 pixels

Banner size: 300 x 400

Email & Blog Visual Asset Sizes

Image size: 750 x 750

The email header should be 600 x 200 pixels

The blog header should be 1200 x 600 pixels

Our Online Image Resizer's Key Features

Among the most prominent features offered by AutoSEOTools's free image resizer are:

Free Of Charge

Using this free picture resizer online, you do not need to create an account or pay a subscription fee.

Designed To Be Simple And Easy To Use

You won't face any trouble using this online photo resizer since it has a user-friendly interface.

Resize Images Quickly

You will receive the resized image within a few seconds after using this online resize image tool. The quality of the image is maintained while resizing it based on your input.

Multi-Format Support

Use our free online image resizer to reduce image size quickly. Our free online image resizer supports JPG, PNG, and JPEG image formats.

Without Watermark, Resize Image In KB

With this online picture resizer, you can easily resize large images to small sizes without being reluctant. It does not matter whether your image is in MBs or kb, you can easily resize it in kb with our efficient facility. Unlike most online tools, this tool does not add a watermark to your image files after resizing. Therefore, you can use the resize photo online on any platform without watermarks and with full rights.

Image Resize Without Losing Quality

The quality of the images is the biggest concern for everyone when changing their sizes. The majority of online resize image utilities do not provide high-quality resizing of your images. However, with our online photo resizer, you can resize your photos quickly and without affecting them. The quality feature of our app lets you adjust your image's quality according to your needs.

Online Pixel Resizing Of Photos

While uploading images to social media platforms, the size of the picture may vary. It is therefore essential to resize the image pixels to fit the required format in order to upload them successfully. Pixels (picture elements) are the basic unit of image resolution. With this photo resizer online, you can easily adjust the size of your images in pixels according to your needs.

Resizing Bulk Images In KB

It's easy to change the size of multiple images at once with our bulk image resizer. You can upload and resize ten images at once with our bulk image resizer.

Secure And Fast

This image size changer lets you convert your photos quickly and securely. We don't share or save the photos you upload. Furthermore, no third party can access your files at any time. Our online photo resize tool will automatically delete the images you upload once the resize process has been completed.

All Devices Are Supported

You can access this free online image resizer from any device, regardless of whether you are using a Mac, smartphone, laptop, or desktop.

Whenever, Wherever

You can resize images online from anywhere using any device with our online photo resizer because it's a web-based service. You don't have to install any massive-size software on your device to use this photo resizer online. In order to use this image resizer online, you only need a good internet connection.

The Image Resizer tool

Most people need help with resizing a photo, but it is really quite simple. You can resize an image online free by using a photo resizer or picture resizer tool.

If you're on a slow internet connection and have to wait forever for an image to load, size plays a critical role when it comes to online images. In order to avoid losing patience and looking for another way, it's important to post small files that can be easily uploaded to the web.

What's hard is that people still attempt to post images with large file sizes on the web, often ending in disastrous results, despite being very straightforward and often experiencing websites with slow loading speeds.

A free online resize tool by AutoSEOTools allows you to resize your pictures and compress them so that they can be shared in emails and social media. There is no need to download any software or sign up, just upload the file and watch it do its magic.

Can Anyone Use This Photo Size Converter?

People working in the following fields can use the photo size converter.

Designers Of Graphics

Graphic designers can easily adjust the width and height of images they have created for clients with this image size converter, since they need to bring them in the correct dimensions.


Additionally, photographers must ensure that their clicked images are in the right dimensions. If they do not, then all their hard work will go to waste. An online photo size changer allows them to easily adjust the size of their images.

Those who blog

It is necessary for bloggers to update new blogs every single day. They often use WordPress sites to publish content, and the size of images matters a lot when they upload them. The inclusion of images is essential for bloggers to support their ideas and present topics in a more engaging way. Bloggers can also use a free image resizer to change image dimensions, saving them a lot of time and effort.

The students

The right images should fit the space and make a PowerPoint presentation look attractive while students prepare an assignment in PDF or PowerPoint. It is possible for students to add imagery to their presentations by adjusting the image size to the size they require.

You Can Resize Your Image Using AutoSEOTools Pic Resize

What is the process of resizing photos?

As a result, it is essential to understand how you can correctly online resize images using a picture resizer tool if you need them to be the exact size.

As a picture resizer compresses a jpg file, the pixel information is altered. For example, the unnecessary pixel information is discarded, which reduces the photo's size. When enlarging an existing photo, an online image resizer must create and add pixel information to achieve a desired larger size, which results in either pixelated or blurry photos.

Because of this, it is much easier to downsize an image than to enlarge one when it comes to resizing an image online. In order to use our free Online Pic Resize Tool, upload a jpg file or other format file, enter your desired width and height, and then click "Resize Image". That's it!

Online Image Resizer Features

There are various features on our image resizer online that assist you in resizing images easily. The top-notch features of our photo resizer are as follows:

The Quality Remains The Same

Image resizer online ensures that the quality of your uploaded pictures remains intact. With this photo resize online utility, you won't have to worry about quality loss. Using smart techniques, the photo resizer keeps your image's quality intact while bringing it to the required dimensions.

In A Hurry

With our super-quick algorithms, our image pixel resizer resizes your images in just a few seconds and displays them in top-quality.

Anywhere It's Needed

Using this photo resizer doesn't require physical presence. Its super-compatibility allows you to resize images online by simply connecting your device to a stable internet connection.

Lifetime Free

No matter how many times you wish to resize a photo with this online photo resize utility, you will never be charged a fee.

What Are The Reasons For Resizing Images?

It might have happened to you that you had difficulty uploading a picture to the Internet due to its large size. Images uploaded to various online platforms are usually limited in size. Using an online photo resize utility to change the size of your images according to your requirements is a simple way to overcome this problem. Resizing an image is not easy because it can damage the image's quality.

Additionally, you may need to resize photos for a variety of reasons, including:

Web-Optimized Images

In order to optimize your images for your website, they need to be resized properly. Larger images take longer to load, which leads to a slower page load. If the page loading speed increases, it will increase your page’s bounce rate, which is not a good factor for ranking.

Post To Social Media Easily

Social media platforms make it easy to post small images, but many people have slow internet connections, so resizing images is a common practice. People's attention span is minimal when scrolling through social media, so if an image is large, they'll ignore it because it takes a long time to load.

Responsive Images

In addition, resizing images with proper dimensions is also necessary for making them responsive. These days, different screen sizes require you to resize images with proper dimensions.

Printing That Is Good

You must ensure that images are in the correct dimensions when printing posters, flyers, banners, and other materials. Using an online photo size converter, you can easily resize your images for printing.

Easy-To-Use And Simple Image Resizing Software

The users don't have to follow hard, and fast rules to use this image resize tool. You don't even have to register on this platform to access our online image resizer. Its super-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone to resize JPG files effortlessly. The easy-to-follow steps allow you to resize images whenever you want without any hassles!

Why We Do What We Do

AutoSEOTools has developed a free online image resizer to make it easier for users to resize their images without trouble. We prioritize crafting effective and available online tools for students, professionals, and anyone else who may not be able to purchase costlier paid software. As well as helping users change the size of their pictures, we also offer an efficient image compressor and PDF compressor so that you can adjust your files accordingly.