Image Compressor

Free and most accurate online image compressor that compresses JPG, JPEG and PNG images without losing quality.

Max file size : 3 MB
Upto 100MB Go Pro

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What Is The Process Of Online Image Compression?

It is quite simple to reduce image size. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Upload your image by dragging and dropping it or clicking the "Upload" button.
  2. The "Compress image" button will appear.
  3. Compress your file while maintaining image quality with Image Compressor
  4. To save your image to your device, click the "Download" button.

Single Image Upload:

Click "Upload" and select your desired image from your computer. You can also upload a picture from Dropbox.

When you select an image, the photo size reducer will automatically compress it.

Multiple Images Can Be Uploaded:

Select multiple images from Dropbox or click "Upload" again to upload multiple images.

After completing the process, you'll be able to download the compressed images or save them to Dropbox.

There is a limit of 20 images per upload, but each image must be at least 5MB in size.

This image compressor uses the smart lossless technique to compress image size (more on this later).

It minimizes the number of colors in the image data while preserving the same quality and resolution as the original. As a result, fewer bytes are required to store or transmit the data.

Our tool uses less bandwidth and loads pretty quickly as well.

The Key Features Of Our Image Size Reducer

Our image compressor has the following features:

Free And Accurate

You can use this advanced picture compressor without paying a single coin to anyone and get high-quality, un-damaged reduced-size images instantly without making a purchase.

Interface That Is User-Friendly

As a result of our user-friendly interface, you won't be faced with any ambiguity or complexity while compressing your image size.

Compression In A Hurry

Our online facility will help you compress large-sized images within a few seconds and lessen their size. You don't have to wait for long to get a high-quality compressed image.

The Quality Of The Image Was Maintained

When compressing an image, most people are concerned about the image's quality. The online photo compressor is designed in such a way that it won't affect the picture's quality and will compress a jpeg with the desired results in a flash, so you don't need to be concerned anymore.

Installation Of Software Is Not Required

Especially for those who have limited storage on their devices, installing any software can be a real hassle. As a result, our web-based photo compressor is highly useful to everyone, as it doesn't require downloading/installing anything. You just need an internet connection to use this free image compressor, and that's all you need.

Compress Multiple Files At Once

With our advanced photo size compressor, you can compress multiple images at once instead of uploading them one at a time. Upload them all together on this utility, and you'll instantly get the compressed JPG files.

Multi-Format Support

With this image optimizer, you can upload images in .jpg, .jpeg, and .png formats and get them compressed straightaway.

All Devices Are Compatible

It does not matter if you have an iPhone or an Android device, you can easily access this web-based picture compressor. Users can access this free image compressor from their smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Access From Anywhere

With this reliable photo size compressor, people can access it from anywhere on the planet with no problems. This utility does not require you to sit at a particular location in order to use it; you can access it from anywhere, anytime, without any restrictions.

How Does Image Compression Work?

In photography compression, the file size of an image document is reduced without compromising its quality through a technical process. The digital photo retains its looks and physical characteristics, but it has a much smaller size, so it fills less space and can be uploaded to relevant sites with less space.

Additionally, you will be able to store the image more economically and efficiently, since you will require less memory space and bandwidth to upload and download it.

This is usually accomplished with the help of a "Photo Compress tool."

There are many such tools available online, but finding one that is trustworthy and can deliver a decent job can be challenging.

But no more. You now have what we can officially call the "simplest, most high-standard image compressor" online right under your nose.

AutoSEOTools presents online Photo Compressor.

The Different Types Of Image Compression

AutoSEOTools's utility provides two types of image compression:

Compression With Lossy Data

The facility we are offering provides you with lossy compression of images. Lossy compression eliminates a few parts of a picture in a way that doesn't look bad in order to reduce its size. By using this format, you can remove parts of a picture that have negatively affected its quality.

In a matter of seconds, our jpg compression utility scans your uploaded pictures, catches all loose ends, and discards them automatically.

Compression Without Loss

A lossless compression process reduces an image's size while preserving its quality. DSLR pictures usually have large size. It will be hard to manage all such large-sized pictures since they will take up more space and take up too much space. Moreover, most online platforms have size limits that prevent you from uploading massive-sized pictures.

By using our image compressor online you can compress JPG images in a fast and lossless manner without the need to follow any strenuous steps.

This Photo Compressor Offers The Following Features

Here are a few of the most prominent features of this online photo compressor.

Interface That Is User-Friendly

With's image compressor online, users can easily reduce the size of their desired pictures with a super-friendly interface. You will also find it easy to shrink images using this image size reducer thanks to its easy-to-follow instructions.

Unrestricted Compression Of Images

When using this free picture compressor, you will not face any limitations on compressing pictures.

Compression Of The Highest Quality

The online photo compressor on this platform is the perfect option to give you the fastest and highest-quality photo compression. You will be able to get a compressed photo with no blurriness or missing parts. The reduced-size image will also have the same quality as the original picture.

Compression Of Multiple Files

Using our online tool, you can upload up to 20 images at once and compress them simultaneously. This feature saves you time and ensures high-quality compression results.

Support For Multiple Image Formats

Our photo size reducer supports all major image formats and instantly reduces photo size online without converting it.

Online Photo Compression

By using this free image compressor online, you don't need to download or install any application to reduce the size of your high-quality images.

Why We Do What We Do

Our goal at AutoSEOTools is to provide you with a wide range of online tools to assist you in completing your educational and professional tasks effectively. Our primary purpose for making these tools is to give you all the features you normally obtain after buying expensive software. These tools allow our valued users to enjoy all these premium features without paying a single penny.