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Editing HTML Has Never Been Easier

For the design of webpages, HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is widely used around the globe. One of the main reasons why HTML is so popular is that you can see the results of your code instantly. When you complete the command or HTML tag in the code, you can see how your text or image will be displayed on the screen. This free instant HTML editor will also allow you to find any errors in your code in a matter of seconds.

The HTML code can also be modified easily by a competent HTML editor. You can make as many changes to the HTML code as you wish. A free online HTML editor enables you to easily create a webpage using Hyper Text Markup Language. As long as you have a strong internet connection, you can edit HTML online without having to install anything on your device.

The internet has a plethora of online tools that may assist you in making an HTML code. However, most of them have applied various restrictions on their users like going through a registration process, etc. However, AutoSeoTools provides you with the only online tool without these restrictions. You can edit and create your HTML from anywhere in the world.

WYSIWYG HTML Editor: What Is It?

We all know that HTML is a markup language, and an HTML online tool allows you to see the results of your markup in real-time. WYSIWYG refers to "what you see is what you get." This editor provides the developers with the opportunity to view real-time results.

The first WYSIWYG editor, known as Bravo, was a word processing program. This utility was introduced by Charles Simonyi in the 1970s; it paved the way for Simonyi's work at Microsoft. Later, Word and Excel were developed as WYSIWYG applications.

What Is The Process?

This online utility enables you to write your HTML code without installing any extension or software on your device. You can start typing on this Online HTML editor immediately and get the results within the same time. When using a WYSIWYG editor, you do not need to complete the code and compile it first, as you might have to with other programming languages editors. Instead, you see the results of your coding right away.

What Is The Process Of Editing HTML Online With Our Tool?

In order to use this free edit HTML tool, the users must follow the following easy steps.

  1. On this HTML editor online, you will find a box where you can start writing your code. You can also upload your HTML by clicking on the "Upload" button or copy/paste it.
  2. Click the download button after you have completed the editing process to save the HTML file to your device.
  3. By clicking on the "Share" button, you can also share your HTML code with your colleagues via social media or email.

Online HTML Editor With The Best Features

Here are some of the main features of this tool.


The live demo provided by AutoSeoTools will help you understand how an online HTML editor works, enabling you to create HTML code quickly and easily.

Adaptable To Mobile Devices

Mobile phones and desktops will be able to use this HTML utility without any problems. The structure and layout will be the same.

Table Work

The layout of a webpage usually consists of several tables. The tool on this site makes it easier for you to create and manage tables on your webpage.


In contrast to many HTML tools on the web that provide services only to premium users, our Free HTML Editor allows you to create and modify your HTML for free.

HTML5 Markup That Is Valid

HTML5's editor ensures that markup is valid and clear.


A web browser's address bar can be used to access this tool.

Registration Is Not Required

With this online HTML Editor, you do not need to create an account on their website, unlike most online tools.

There Is No Need To Install Or Download Anything

For using this online HTML utility, you are not required to install or download any application on your device. This online HTML tool does not require any installation on your device.

Our HTML Editor Offers The Following Benefits

This HTML code maker is entirely web-based, so you can access it from any location in the world.

There Is No Subscription Fee

With most online tools, you cannot get a premium plan to use their services. However, when you use this online HTML editor, you are not subject to such restrictions. In addition to not having a trial period, this free HTML tool can be used anywhere and anytime, since it has a real-time HTML editor built right in.


In order to use some online utilities, you may need to install them. Otherwise, you may have to go through lengthy sign-up procedures to get help from those tools. Fortunately, there is no such limitation imposed on you for using this free HTML text editor. Through this facility, you do not need to register on any platform in order to create HTML code.

Our Privacy Policy - Security And File Safety

Please be aware that the confidentiality of our valued users' data is our utmost priority, and we are striving hard to accomplish this duty at our best. Any information that you will upload on our utility will not be disclosed to anyone in any case. Also, the advanced security systems of our tools make it impossible for any third-party to get access to the data uploaded by the user in any way. You can start using the HTML code editor to edit HTML code or files online without worrying about the confidentiality of your data.