Byte/Bit Converter

You can use the byte converter by entering the number of bytes in the “From” field, and then clicking or tapping on the unit to which you wish to convert them in the “To” field. After you tap/click on your desired unit of conversion, you will see the results instantly.

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Conversion Of Data Units

You can use this byte calculator to convert massive data units accurately. You can convert byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, petabyte, etc., among other data units. We offer online byte conversion that supports both decimal and binary byte values and provides accurate results within seconds.

What Are The Uses Of Mbs And Kbs?

A Kb (Kilobyte) is a unit of measurement for common digital information. It can be text, sound, a small image with low quality, and even videos with low quality.

Nonetheless, Mb is a unit of measurement widely used for exchanging, storing, and transferring data. The SI (International System of Units) defines one Mb as 1000 Kb, but when it comes to binary calculations, one Mb equals 1024 Kb. Additionally, our computers read and store files in binary format. Today, these Mb's are used to store high quality video, music, image files and much more.

The size of the files is usually calculated to determine how much space will be required to store the files. If they exceed, a few files will not be copied. If you are familiar with storage devices, such as pen drives, you may have noticed that they do not show the exact amount of storage as written on them. The reason is that the portion is reserved for system files for better performance and some space needs to be allocated when allocating memory.

If you store files on an external drive with exactly the same amount of memory as the files, you can't see the number of Kb's or bytes it needs to store, so it won't save them. Unless you check the properties and convert those bytes in Mbs with our megabytes to gigabytes converter, all you see is a decimal notation in gigabytes that looks like 1.2. You don't know the original file size until you check the properties.

Byte Converter: Why Choose Us?

There are a lot of byte calculation utilities available on the web, but they tend to be less useful due to fewer restrictions. On this platform, however, you can use a byte calculator free of limitations and get reliable results. Our byte calculator has the following significant features.

Free and accurate

We offer a free online converter that can convert GB to MB within a matter of seconds. Also, the results you will receive through this converter will be accurate and free from any minor errors. The MB to GB (megabytes to gigabytes) calculator tool is here to give you reliable and instant results, so you don't have to do complex calculations yourself.

It's easy to use

There is no complication with our online bytes converter. The user-friendly interface will make it straightforward for you to convert kb to GB in an instant.

Registration is not required

We don't require you to register on our site in order to use our free Data conversion tool. Consequently, you don't have to go through any tedious registration process.

Conversions without limits

Use our free online data unit converter to convert GB to MB without any constraints. Our advanced data conversion tool allows you to convert data units without any limitations.

What Is The Best Way To Use Our MB To GB Converter?

Our bytes to MB converter works quite quickly, just follow the steps below and you'll have your results in no time.

  • From the menu on the left side of the Unit Converter, open the Bytes Converter and enter the value you wish to convert in the "From" field as shown below:
  • Once you have finished writing or pasting the value, all you need to do is choose the unit of memory you wish to convert from on the left side and the unit of memory you wish to convert to on the right. As shown in the picture below, your answer will appear in the “To” field once selected.